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COVID-19 FAQs for International Students

Online classes – for new admits

1. Will there be online options available for those who cannot arrive or return to Tech due to halted visa processing or entry bans on our country?

Yes – depending on your degree/major, a number of online options are being planned. Unfortunately, not all classes may be available online. Please contact your college and advisor to find out more information.


2. Can I defer admission if I am unable to travel to the United States?

The Graduate School will defer your admission to a later quarter (up to one year) without any fee if you send a request to Undergraduates may defer their admission to a later quarter (up to one year) without any fee by emailing a request to


3. For new students - what is the process of enrolling in online classes?

Confer with your advisor by Zoom or email, then use your BOSS login to register. You should pay by credit card online.


4. I am from a country with restricted access to Zoom. Will I be able to participate in online courses?

Some courses may offer recordings of lectures on Moodle. Individual courses will be delivered in varying ways depending on the instructor. We encourage you to consult with your professor for information on the course format.


5. How will tuition differ for online courses and face-to-face courses?

Tuition information is available online at Tuition will depend on department and college fees. During the Fall 2020 Quarter, the online fee of $25 per class will be waived.


6. Will online courses continue to be available for the foreseeable future?

We expect several courses to be available online, including those taught as part of online degree programs.



1. I am an incoming freshman who is unable to enter the United States this fall and will need to study online for now. What do I do if I see housing and a meal plan on my invoice?

Anyone registered for full-time hours will have the room and meal charges applied automatically.  To avoid or correct these charges when studying online, please submit the off-campus application along with a personal statement explaining that you are studying online in your home country.  The application and statement can be emailed to


2. I have been awarded the Bulldog Scholarship. How will that be applied while I am taking online courses?

The Bulldog Scholarship does not apply to online courses where you will pay resident tuition. You will receive the non-resident tuition waiver when you arrive on campus and register for classes.


3. Is Tech going to be able to provide the same number of scholarships to international students with the economic impact this has had on the university?

No changes have been announced for the Bulldog Scholarship for international students. We are pleased to continue offering an affordable education to students around the world.


4. How should I pay for online classes if I am unable to leave my country?

You may take online classes while waiting for travel restrictions to be lifted. Confer with your advisor by Zoom or email, then use your BOSS login to register, and pay online by credit card. If you are unable to make payments this way, email with your full name and CWID to see if there is an option available. 

International payments may be made through Flywire from your country without a credit card. Choose Louisiana Tech University from the drop-down menu. If you are unfamiliar with Flywire, you might want to look at this introductory video. Flywire does not operate in the following countries: Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Syria, Sudan, or The Crimea region. If you are attempting to make payments from one of these countries, please email with your full name and CWID to see what options are available.


Assistantships and on-campus jobs

1. Will I lose my assistantship if I cannot enter the United States in the fall?

You will not lose an assistantship offer if it has been made. However, we cannot start paying you until you arrive on campus and register for face-to-face classes.


2. Right now, my parents are unable to help me financially as much as we had expected. Will there be an on-campus job available for me? How can I find one?

We anticipate that on-campus jobs will be available as they have been in the past. Campus jobs may also be posted on Louisiana Tech’s Handshake site.



1. I am concerned about my travel to Louisiana Tech because I will have a layover in a city that I see on the news for being a COVID-19 Hot Spot. What advice would you give?

If you are able to travel to the United States, we expect international carriers to take precautions to protect you in the aircraft. Wearing a mask, physical distancing if possible, and sanitizing your hands and surfaces are the most commonly observed measures. More information is available from the Centers for Disease Control.


2. What is the likelihood that I would be affected by the travel ban when traveling home or entering the United States?

For information on countries to avoid for 14 days prior to entering the United States check here:

The State Department has announced that students traveling from the Schengen Area, the UK, and Ireland with valid F-1 and M-1 visas do not need to contact an embassy or consulate to seek an individual national interest exception to travel (see this link).Therefore, our international students traveling to Louisiana Tech University from or with layovers in these countries will be allowed entry into the United States.


3. If we are able to be at the university in August or September would we be required to quarantine?

You can expect to be screened for symptoms and tested if you have any of the symptoms. If you test positive, you will be asked to quarantine. These steps are being taken in regards to all Louisiana Tech students to ensure everyone’s safety.


Academic progress

1. I worry that if I can’t take a class because of the travel ban, it will put me an entire year behind. Is there any option for students like me?

We will do our best to help you catch up on courses that are not available online (e.g., labs). Other options (e.g., extension of time to degree) may be offered as well. The Graduate School will defer your admission to a later quarter (up to one year) if you send a request to Undergraduates may defer their admission to a later quarter (up to one year) without any fee by emailing a request to