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Shakya and Shaile playing chess in the International Student Office
Alina from Nepal working in the computer lab in the College of Business Building
Raj from Nepal is taking a walk in Ruston's beautiful downtown
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The Lady of the Mist standing tall and proud
LA Tech's famous tulips in full bloom
The lovely Bat-sé parking her bike on a beautiful day in Ruston
Raj celebrating Nepali New Year by passing out chocolates
Laura from Madagascar rubbing the bulldog's head for good luck
Two of our Nigerian students have a case of the giggles while helping each other study for their upcoming exams
International and American students hanging out and studying in the quad
Precious and Bat-sé are hanging out at the Red Tables between classes
Outside of Keeny Hall, Akash, Ashlesh, and Shirshak are hanging out
Akash shows off his favorite building on campus
One of our proud Saudi students shares his culture on campus
On the first day of school, the Band of Pride came through to show their school spirit
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