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Interview with a French Professor

September 28, 2020

To watch a video of this interview, please visit our social media pages. 

Dori St. Amant decided she wanted to become a French professor after she “spent a year in France as a junior abroad.” Now as a french professor, she enjoys teaching her students about other cultures and languages, but one thing she especially enjoys is being able to interact and talk with our international students. While being a professor here at Louisiana Tech, Dori St. Amant has become close with various international students. Being able to speak their native language, St. Amant enjoys getting to know international students while learning more about their individual cultures. For St. Amant, one of the biggest benefits of speaking multiple languages is receiving “a broader world view.” By becoming close with international students, she’s able to learn so much about various countries and cultures, that she wouldn’t have known without these relationships.

Not only does St. Amant learn from international students, but so do the American students here at Louisiana Tech. As a French professor, St. Amant is able to watch as international and American students communicate in the international student’s native language. Right before her eyes the students “enter into a whole new world, and a whole new culture by speaking another language.” Here at Louisiana Tech, St. Amant adds, our international students “bring all kinds of cultural things to the table.” St. Amant told us of a time when one international student shared a new song from their home country. Everyone was so excited to enjoy a true example of international culture. This is just one of the many examples of how our international students benefit the education and experience of our university. 

At Louisiana Tech, our international students are able to learn about American culture, while our American students are able to learn about various international cultures. Being able to learn from each other, is something our students and professors truly appreciate. St. Amant expressed her love for the international program, but more importantly her love for the international students. It is so important to learn about different cultures and different countries. These international students shine like no other, as they share their experiences, language, and culture. 

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