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African Student Association Highlight

October 8, 2020
African Student Association Highlight

Onyekachi Idigo, the president of the African Student Association chapter at Louisiana Tech University, says that the ASA is all about “bringing our culture, our traditions, our food, and our lifestyle, and sharing it with the community at Tech.” Representing 10-13 African countries, Louisiana Tech proudly supports its ASA chapter. As their president insists they “are the friendliest people you can find at Tech campus” who strive to preserve their cultural values. Onyekachi has always loved to “bring people together,” and ASA does exactly that. When they aren’t conserving and sharing their culture, the ASA is constantly building strong relationships within the club. Omar Toure, the vice president of ASA, is thankful for having interaction with students from “the same background I’m from.”

As the vice president, one of Omar’s projects is to have an African Night event where the money raised will allow for scholarships for African students. This is just one of many amazing things the ASA organization does. Omar adds that the ASA allows students to have a “brotherhood or sisterhood I feel like you won’t have anywhere else.” He even adds how they are always helping each other out. From rides to class to help will homework, this community has each other’s back. Everyone is welcome to join the ASA community here on campus. If you’d like to join the African Student Association chapter at Louisiana Tech, follow the ASA on Instagram at  and send them a direct message saying that you’d like to join. Another way to join the ASA is by emailing the president, Onyekachi Idigo, at where she will give you all of the information regarding becoming a part of ASA.

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