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I find my happiness in Culturing cells.

March 9, 2018
I find my happiness in Culturing cells.

"My undergraduate degree was in electronic engineering, but I've always preferred studying biology and medical subjects, so I chose to get a masters in biomedical engineering. I heard Tech was famous for the BME program, so I wanted to come here. My uncle said he would provide the funds for me to study abroad, if I promised to return to China and work at his company after graduating.

"Being in the BME program has allowed me to devote myself to the biological world. One of my favorite experiences has been culturing cells. Every time I culture cells, I enjoy seeing those new lives pass to the next generation. The life of cells or microbes is so short and valuable, and it gives me happiness to give new life to those short lives.

"I'm about to graduate this quarter, and I plan on fulfilling my promise to my uncle: I'll be going back to China to work for his company. I'm grateful for the experience I have had: I have found myself happy and free, doing what I enjoy."

-Zhenyuan Deng

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