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International Undergraduate


If you are interested in pursuing an undergraduate degree program at Louisiana Tech University, please refer to the checklist below. The following is a list of all undergraduate admission requirements needed to make an application for admission.

**We understand that some admission tests are no longer available or have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this situation, we will be flexible with the admission test requirements in regards to availability. For specific questions, please contact us at


Academic Checklist:

1. Complete the Online Application Form start an application or continue an application

2. Non-refundable application fee $30.00 (payable by check, money order, credit card, or Flywire)

3. Applicants from non-English speaking countries: Transcripts and test scores - Students are required to submit at least one of the following items below based on the GPA. You are welcome to submit more than one of the items.

2.00 79 6.5 105 Math: 510, EBRW: 500, Comp: 1130 Math: 19, English: 18, Comp: 23
2.50 71 6.0 95 Math: 510, EBRW: 500, Comp: 810 Math: 19, English: 18, Comp: 15

College prep curriculum requirements include 3 years of college preparatory mathematics. SAT or ACT are highly recommended.

**NOTE: Those who do not submit SAT or ACT scores will be required to take a Math placement exam upon arrival to the university.

4. Applicants from English speaking countries or English speaking high school curriculum, such as IB, international schools, etc.: Transcripts and test scores - Students are required to submit at least one of the following items below based on the GPA. 

2.00 Math: 510, EBRW: 500, Comp: 1130 Math: 19, English: 18, Comp: 23
2.50 Math: 510, EBRW: 500, Comp: 810 Math: 19, English: 18, Comp: 15

5. Copy of Current Valid Passport

All documents can be submitted as PDF attachments via email. Official transcripts can be sent to us electronically or mailed in a sealed envelope directly from the school. Please make sure all transcripts are sent to the International Student Office - You may choose to mail physical documents to the address provided below.

Official test scores (TOEFL, IELTS, Duolingo, SAT, ACT) must be sent directly from the testing agency. Please use university code - 6372 for sending test scores. Additionally, we request that you send a PDF copy of your scores via email.

Conditional Admission will be given to those with unofficial or in-progress transcripts and will be required to submit their official and complete transcripts by the end of the first quarter. Transcripts submitted directly by the applicant will be considered unofficial.

Unconditional Admission can only be given with official and complete transcripts.


Immigration Checklist:

1. Proof of available yearly funds to cover each year of study in the form of an official bank statement of account, government scholarship letter, or athletic scholarship letter (accounts must be accessible at any time)

2. Affidavit of Support Form

If coming from a High School in the United States, the following items are required:


Sending Your Application Documents

Most admission documents can be sent as PDF attachments via email ( with the exception of official test scores and official transcripts. You also have the option to send your documents by express or standard mailing options.

The ISO uses University Express Mail Service (UEMS) to ensure your express mailing needs are met. To create your account with UEMS, please click here.

If you have any questions about how to use this service, please visit the FAQs section of the UEMS website, or you may contact them by email or phone.

You may also use any standard shipping option of your choosing to mail your documents to the following address:

International Student Office
Louisiana Tech University

305 Wisteria Street
P.O. Box 3037
Ruston, LA 71272



An application will not be considered without specific documentation of yearly funds available to cover each year of study at the University. Louisiana Tech University estimates the student’s average cost for an academic term of twelve months to be:

Tuition and Fees             $17,997
Living expenses              $8,500 (including meals and housing)
Books and Insurance       $2,200
TOTAL                            $28,697

**Fees are subject to change without notice.** Any changes will be updated here.

When the required credentials are on file, your application will be processed and you will be notified of the decision by mail. We cannot give this information out over the phone. If you want anyone other than yourself to receive information, we must have written permission from you stating the full name of the person.

**I-20s will only be issued to accepted students.


Application Deadlines - all required documents must be submitted by the following dates:

Fall Quarter Enrollment: July 1
Winter Quarter Enrollment: October 1
Spring Quarter Enrollment: January 1
Summer Quarter Enrollment: April 1