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An International Student’s Guide to Getting An On Campus Job

September 18, 2020
An International Student’s Guide to Getting An On Campus Job

As an international student who has just come to America, your surroundings, atmosphere, and culture have drastically changed. Dalia El-Gair, a student worker in the ISO at Louisiana Tech, said that one of the biggests goals of the International Student Office is to “bridge the gap between the American culture and the International culture”. One of the best ways to do this is by encouraging international students to get an on campus job. When international students are able to get an on campus job, they’re able to familiarize themselves with American culture, support themselves financially, and learn how to become successful in America. In an interview, Dalia El-Gair explained the “countless benefits,” difficulties, and process of getting an on campus job.
Dalia emphasized how having an on campus job is an international student’s best way to “put their foot in the door” and “seek opportunities they can’t get anywhere else.” She added that, besides the financial benefits of having an on campus job, it’s a way for students in the international program to become more comfortable and confident on campus. The ISO strives to ensure that every international student has a great experience, and Dalia made it very clear that everyone working in the ISO is there for international students in whatever way they need, including reminding them that they are “worthy of being successful in this country.” When asked what the number one thing holding students back from getting an on campus job was, Dalia simply said “fear.” If you’re unsure, weary, or nervous about seeking out an on campus job, don’t forget that our ISO workers are here to help.
If you’re an international student looking for an on campus job opportunity, here are a few steps you can take to start the process of working on campus. After looking into various opportunities and finding something that you’re interested in, you have to get a social security card. While this may seem overwhelming, Dalia will attest that “the process is a lot simpler than it seems.” In order to take advantage of an on campus job, all you need to do is email Sarah Ilgenfritz at After giving her your name, campus wide ID, and the position you’re seeking, she will go through with the process of giving you your social security card. This will make you eligible for the on campus job. If you have any questions about getting a job on campus, or would like more information we encourage you to reach out to the International Student Office staff. 

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